Sofia de la Torre

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Vídeo gastronómico personalizado


Product description

Elaboro recetas con tus productos culinarios, dulces o salados, healthy o menos healthy. Posteriormente, realizo un vídeo atractivo en el que aparece la receta que incluye tu producto. Este vídeo dedicado podrás utilizarlo para fines comerciales o personales.

El proceso es el siguiente; selecciona ¡Quiero solicitar el vídeo ya! e indícame en la sección Mensaje a transmitir qué producto / receta te gustaría que elaborase y grabase. A continuación, procede con el pago del producto. Al recibir el pedido, me pondré en contacto contigo vía email o teléfono (dependiendo de la vía de contacto que hayas indicado en el pago) y nos pondremos de acuerdo en qué te gustaría que cocinase para resaltar tu producto. Para ello confeccionaré varias propuestas entre las que elegir.  ¡Lo siguiente es cocinar y presentarlo de la manera más atractiva posible! Por último, realizaré la sesión de grabación y subiré el vídeo dedicado a la plataforma. 

¡Solicita tu vídeo gastronómico personalizado ahora!


  • Once you have selected that person you want on your video, fill in the data form so that you can configure the video according to your needs. Proceed then with the payment. You will receive a purchase confirmation email.

  • The chosen uniquen person prepares and records your personalized video message following your instructions. Try to be as precise as possible.

  • We keep you informed at all times via email. You can also monitor in "My account" your order status.

  • The seller has up to 7 days to make the video.

  • Once it is available, you just have to download it. Now is yours!

Tips for requesting a video

Be clear and specific when detailing what you need on your personalized video message. Provide all the necessary data in the Instructions section; Recipient's name (if applicable), reason for the video and other relevant details. Avoid asking the video creator to say or do something controversial that does not follow our policies.

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FAQs - Vídeos Personalizados

Can I publish on my social networks the video that I have purchased?

Yes, as long as the protagonist has not indicated otherwise. You can neither modify it, edit it, monetize it, nor mix it with others and you must not remove the uniquen watermark when publishing it. We would love it if when you publish it on social networks you mention us at @uniquen_es!

Can I sell the custom video I have purchased to other people?

No, that would be against the rules. What you can do is to share the link to our website, where you purchased it, so they can get a new video according to their needs. As you have already seen, the process is very easy!

Can I cancel the requested video even though I have already paid for it?

YES it is possible to cancel your personalized video once requested, as long as the uniquen person to whom you have ordered it has not filmed it yet and no more than 7days have passed since purchase. Even if the uniquen person has already filmed the video (although it has not been uploaded to the platform yet) and it is not uploaded within 48 hours of your refund request, you will get a full refund.

I am looking for someone who is not on the uniquen platform. What can I do?

Contact us through the Customer Service form on the Support page (Support link), tell us who you are looking for and we will try to find solutions or alternatives.

Payment methods
Choose your preferred payment method, including credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, bitcoin, ethereum.