Sonidos Curativos
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Sonidos Curativos is the third album of SonoTerapia Violeta, which seeks to record and register the Sounds of Instruments of the World in high fidelitySonoTerapia Violeta is born as a way to deliver a service of wellness and healing through different Ancestral Instruments. This album is an exploration of Atmospheres and Sound Environments, to take you on a journey into nature and the healing that listening to its Sounds gives us!!!!

Project Location: The recording will take place in the studios of located in Crédito 442, Providencia, Santiago-Chile.
Material: The recording will take place in a special conditioned room for this kind of recordings. We will use various microphones and technological tools, along with the use of all the Instruments that are part of SonoTerapia Violeta, such as Harps, Flutes, Native Instruments, Bells, Quartz Bowls and Tibetan Singing Bowls, among others.    

Welcome to SonoTerapia Violeta!!!!



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