We are uniquen, a platform whose objective is to unite uniquen people with the community that recognizes and values ​​their talent. People with the courage and irreverence to trust their ideas and have that spark to succeed





How does the platform for uniquen people work?
Why join uniquen?
Engage with your community in a brand new way and increase their loyalty
Offer your community the posiblity to own a moment or to be a part of your career, make it easier for them to have an autograph or an personal signed object that you used in a concert or a competition. Make them part of a new crowdfunding project. Share premium moments or contents with them, tell then more about your work and day to day, explain what it is that has made you better known or share your success. There are no limits!
Update your image
Do you want to launch a project that has nothing to do with your specialization? Do you want to show your comunity a "new you" or a new talent? Do you want to try a new industry? Would you like to deepen and share knowledge? All this is possible in uniquen!
Share special moments
Be a part of your comunity members' anniversaries, weddings and celebrations through personalized video messages. Enable them to give away personalized or recommended products from your store such as collectibles, custom editions and much more!
Share with others your own way of doing things, your knowledge and your answers. In uniquen you will be able to help your community of followers, share advice, answer questions, express your preferences and make your projects come true.
Develop new projects and creations, while you interact and talk with your community
Do not limit your reach or product delivery, different languages ​​... we help you go further.
We are a multidisciplinary team with several years of experience in marketing, communication, logistics, project management and entrepreneurship. We offer several tools and technologies in our platform to enable unique people to develop and grow their influence. We work hard to provide people with a special talent, personality or vision an online space where they can build their ideas, make them public and recognizable and even turning them into real projects with the support of their community.
How are profits generated?

Interact with your community

Share and talk about your products published in your uniquen store on your communication channels and social networks. It's your personal store! Answer questions and receive your first orders.

Manage your shipment

Get your stock ready, record your digital products and have your buyers enjoy them right on time.

Request your payments through your backoffice dashboard

Check your sales, your orders, your stock, your best-selling products and your payments in your dashboard in your administration panel