Value through technology - uniquen

1.- Improving provenance and reducing art forgery

Authentication/Attribution – by creating a record of authentication on the Ethereum blockchain of the Artists’ work, and stamping an unforgeable, tamper-proof digital identity near-field communication Tag affixed to artists’ work. Each Tag will contain information about the respective artwork and a link to the blockchain network where the same info will be registered.

 Provenance - No matter how many times the artwork is bought and sold, the original purchase, past and future purchases of the work will be documented and unalterable, creating a trusted provenance. This way, a physical artwork can have a single, trusted identity that stays with it for life.”

 2.- New Models of Professional development:

By offering Artists the opportunity to invest time and talent in what they are valued for, so they can bring that value to their fans and followers and develop their dreamed professional career. By allowing these Artist to manage their personal brand and image to close deals with companies and other brands, also allowing them to issue Blockchain Personal Tokens and trade their Tokens on the open market.

 3.- New Financing Models:

By offering crowdfunding campaigns enabling Artists, Influencers, Stars, bring to market their own and personal creations and brands.